Our Institute has started education in the Department of Zaza Language and Literature, and the Departments of Kurdish Language and Literature since 2012.


To raise individuals who internalize national and universal values, respect democratic and ethical values, adopt a scientific approach, also who renew themselves according to the requirements of the age, define country and regional information, and produce solutions for them.


In regards to be the most demanded languages in the region for postgraduate education for educational sciences, the goal is to educate educators and academicians with national and international standards, and to follow education and cultural policies in the national and international arena.


Our quality policy, about the mission, vision and goals of our university, is to offer an advanced and correct working area based on universal science, ethical principles and law, with the understanding of total quality management adopted by our stakeholders in the education, research and management activities of our Institute.

In this direction, in accordance with our quality policy, legal requirements and international standards;

1. To be a reliable, preferred and efficient Institute with an understanding that fully meets education and training expectations,

2. To make the necessary improvements in order for our permanent academic staff and administrative staff to become more competent, and to ensure that all employees

3. To create quality awareness,

4. To continue to work in continuous development and change by improving all processes in a trust-based cooperation with our internal and external stakeholders,

5. To increase international recognition by bringing our academic knowledge to the national and international level,

6. To identify the hazards that may arise in relation to the occupational health and safety required for the conduct of our activities and to review the relevant risk assessment,

7. To be an exemplary Institute that respects the society and environment we live in.