Zaza Language And Literature

Our Institute, depending on Bingol University, was established by the 2011/2018 no. decision of Council of Ministers published in the 03.07.2011 dated and 27,983 no. official newspapers. Our Institute continue to provide training since 2012.
Qualification Awarded
Zaza Language and Literature Master Degree

Admission Requirements
Undergraduate Diploma -language teaching or Literature-, At least 55 grades must be taken in Academic Personal and Graduate Study Entrance Exam set by OSYM.

Higher Grade Transition
Students can apply to the Ph.D. program.

Graduation Requirements
Obtaining the required credits and acceptance of master thesis.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates
Students who completed their MA can may be appointed as a teacher of Zazaki and also can apply some academic positions at Universities.

Assessment and Grading
70 % attendance is a must for graduate courses. Examinations may be written, oral and may include home work. At least one 1hr mid-term and one 2hr final plus a completion (in case final grades are insufficient) examination is administerd by the instructor. Course grades are based on term work (40 %) and final (or completion) exam (60 %) results. A student in MS program is considered successful if course grade is at least 65 out of 100. Course grades are then converted to equivalent letter grades according to the following scheme: Letter Coefficient Grade (100 based) AA 4,00 90 – 100 BA 3,50 85 – 89 BB 3,00 80 – 84 CB 2,50 75 – 79 CC 2,00 65 – 74 FF 0,00 0 – 64 G (Pass) M (Exempt) D (No attention) K (Fail) E (Incomplete) Letter grades (G), (M), (K) are not considered in GPA calculations.